Senvion Operations Engineer

Join Full Circle's dynamic team in Amersfoort, supporting wind turbine brands, with a focus on Senvion Turbines. Embrace a vibrant work environment and enjoy a hybrid workplace.

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Hi there! We're on the lookout for a dedicated Senvion Engineer to join our Engineering team. If you have a desire to make a meaningful impact, and the skills and expertise to excel in this role, we invite you to explore this opportunity with us.

Full Circle is growing. Not just in size, but our business is also exploring new brands and technologies. We recently onboarded Senvion Turbines to our fleet and therefore we’re looking for an Operations Engineer to support this business!

As an Operations Engineer Senvion, you'll collaborate with different teams to keep things efficient, solve tech problems, and make our operations better every day.

What you'll do on a daily basis

  • Your expertise will shine as you continuously enhance and troubleshoot existing electrical or mechanical systems and components.
  • You'll be the architect of modifications and work instructions, crafting the blueprint for improvements.
  • As the detective of issues, you'll lead root cause analyses to uncover the source of challenges.
  • With meticulous attention, you'll record non-conformities, capturing both the cause and the actions taken.
  • Your role will extend to being the lighthouse, providing technical support to our sales, supply chain, control room, and field technicians.
  • Taking the lead in electrical and mechanical Feasibility Studies, you'll be the visionary shaping our future.
  • Addressing system-related inquiries will be second nature to you, as you guide our team through their technical questions.
  • Occasionally you'll be the pioneering in the field, to test and evaluate new software packages before their widespread implementation, conducting tests and scrutinizing new products and design features for their suitability.

This position offers a commitment of 32-38 hours per week, situated in the vibrant European City of the Year: Amersfoort.

What's in Your Toolbox

  • With a track record of at least 3 years in the field, you bring a wealth of practical experience with Senvion Turbines to the table.
  • Your familiarity with converters is the keystone of this role.
  • If your skill set leans towards the electrical or mechanical realm, that's excellent; if you bring knowledge in both, it's even better.

Your work nest

Join our international dream team—a melting pot of over 11 nationalities rallying together to conquer the world of global fleet support! Ever envisioned multitasking by whipping up your lunch in our fully equipped kitchen while becoming the reigning air hockey champ? Well, here's your chance to shine!

There's more! We've got your back with the Collective Agreement 'Metaal & Techniek'. On top of that we will provide you with an Employee Assistance Programme that's like having a personal life coach on speed dial for you and your loved ones. And when it comes to vacation time, we're not kidding around—we're talking 200 hours of holiday with the option to snag even more relaxation hours if you're feeling extra ambitious! We are talking about 200 holiday hours for a full-time job (38 hours) with the option to buy extra hours.

In the vibrant city of Amersfoort, get ready to spread your wings and shine for 5 days a week! You'll flutter around our office, soaking in the team spirit for a minimum of 2-3 days (that's half your time) and diving headfirst into the buzz of the workplace hive!

About Full Circle

At Full Circle, we've been in the wind turbine game for over two decades, and now, we're ready to spread our wings and soar as an independent entity, supporting various wind turbine brands. Our journey into independence began in 2021, and every day, our team is fuelled by the excitement of growth and autonomy.

Our Mission: Offering Top-Notch Support, No Exceptions!

We're here to dish out top-tier maintenance support to everyone in need, regardless of the turbine brand or whether you've got one or a hundred turbines in your backyard. Expect us to swoop in with agile, honest, and lightning-fast support. From routine maintenance to blade inspections, repairs, 24/7 remote monitoring, and even those must-do statutory inspections – we've got your back! Basically, everything to keep those turbines dancing in the wind.

Our Secret Sauce: Expertise, Resources, and a Personal Touch!

We're renowned for our wizard-like expertise, abundant resources, and a friendly, personalized approach that ensures you squeeze every last whirl out of those turbines.

Our HQ: Where Magic Happens!

Our headquarters are nestled in the lively city of Amersfoort, Netherlands. But hey, our squad (165 and growing fast!) is scattered all across Europe, maintaining wind turbines across the globe.

Meet Our Funky, Spirited Team.

We're not just a team; we're a bubbling cauldron of enthusiasm and youthfulness, growing alongside our company. That makes our work environment an absolute blast—overflowing with energy and collaboration! We're open, direct, and as honest as a clear blue sky, reflecting the diverse world we live in!

Hey, You! Still Here? Join the Fun!

If you're still hanging in there and thinking, "This sounds like my kind of jam," hit that apply button. We're itching to meet folks who match our vibe and skills. Let's make some wind turbine magic together!

Join us at our Amersfoort HQ or work partially from home. If you're keen on renewable energy and thrive in a dynamic environment, we want you on our team!

Note to 3rd parties:

Here at Full Circle we are very lucky to be very successful recruiting all our new employees ourselves. Something we are very proud of. Despite our kind requests to all of you not to reach out for support in this area, our HR team, hiring managers and our front office are overwhelmed with contact requests, telephone calls, email requests and other attempts to get in touch. We know you guys are out there, we understand that this cold acquisition is part of your job, but we strongly request you to respect our time and not reach out. We want to use all the time we have to make the world a greener place! If we ever need support, we'll work with our preferred suppliers (and no, we are not looking for new ones ;-)) We appreciate your understanding on this, and we wish you the best of luck on finding your next client.

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About the role

Feb 07, 2024

Full Time


Aug 03, 2024


Amersfoort, Netherlands

Mid-Senior level


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