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Lauren Holford | December 13, 2023

Renewable energy is an evolving sector that is gathering pace, with a lot of excitement and change to stay aware of. Podcasts can be an invaluable resource in keeping well-informed on new trends, clean energy innovation and relevant policy - industry knowledge that helps renewables candidates shine at job interviews.

Listening can easily be incorporated around your day-to-day life and the catalogue of on-demand and open-access media is vast. Yet, with so much choice, it can be hard to pinpoint those most worthy of attention. Here to help is a roundup of some of the best listens in the renewable energy space.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up with Michael Liebreich

With over 100 episodes available either as a podcast or to watch on Youtube, this series of weekly 1-on-1 interviews covers renewable energy among its main topics. Former guests have included top-tier leaders in the clean energy space, such as wind energy pioneer Henrik Stiesdal), Professor Naomi Oreskes) and investment facilitator Emily Kirsch.

The show is sponsored by Capricorn Investment Group and host Michael Liebreich’s background in finance and advisory services lends a more capitalist approach to discussing the energy transition. He often gives more space to his guests than other presenters, but doesn’t hold back in questioning them, frequently debating finer points and drilling down on the practicalities and viability of projects and businesses.

The Green Podcast

Former TV producer Dylan Welch hosts The Green Podcast in which he interviews successful business entrepreneurs and industry leaders that are committed to sustainability. Feeding into the business development and communications focus of his company,, this conversational pod covers tech and energy among its major themes and is often less specific than some of the other recommended shows. Its produced, American-entertainment style makes it easy to dip into and follow, while its diverse topics cover a wide-range of perspectives and projects that often include sustainability tips applicable to listeners’ lives.

The Energy Transition Show

The Energy Transition Show

Now in its 8th year, this news-based podcast is proudly independent of sponsorship or advertising, rather listeners can pay a subscription to listen to a longer, unabridged version of each episode. More formal in style, host Chris Nelder’s fast-talking facts are a deep dive into the energy sector that require greater attention. Coverage extends to the more controversial topics of nuclear and green hydrogen and their policy as well as the transportation transition to electric vehicles.

As you might expect from a prolific analyst and writer, Nelder’s show is more intellectual in content, making it slightly less accessible to those that are new or outside the energy sector, but an insightful listen for those looking for a deeper, more knowledgeable analysis on the energy transition.

The Energy Gang

Ed Crooks now hosts this bi-weekly discussion between experts centring around trends in the energy space. Produced by Wood Mackenzie, the global insight business that began as experts in oil and gas, the hour-long episodes see a collection of energy experts debate hot topics and global energy policy in a broader context. WoodMac also produces a sister podcast to this, The Interchange Recharged, which has a focus directed more towards energy innovation and transition and is presented by their Head of America Sales, David Banmiller.

The Great Simplification with Nate Hagens

The Great Simplification with Nate Hagens

Nate Hagens’ podcast, The Great Simplification, unpicks the complex framework of systems in which our modern society is embedded. Human reliance on and consumption of energy is a central theme and is addressed from multiple angles that chart its interconnection with economics, geopolitics, ecology and human behaviour.

Combining guest interviews with “Frankly” episodes in which the host reflects on theoretical understanding across disciplines, this pod aims to provide a holistic point of view from which to drive structural change and adaptation. It’s a thought-provoking listen from The Oil Drum’s former editor with varied implications for the renewable energy sector.

So, whether you are on the move or completing household chores, these energy podcasts are well worth a listen. In keeping you at the forefront of industry relevance, they can broaden your horizons, deliver deeper insight into the renewable sector and give you the edge in your energy job application.

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Article by Lauren Holford

Published on December 13, 2023

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