Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)

Join RABOT Charge in Hamburg, Germany, as a Senior Software Engineer (Frontend) to innovate dynamic electricity tariffs and smart charging solutions for renewable energy, contributing to a sustainable future.

RABOT Charge
RABOT Charge
Hamburg, Germany  UTC+01:00   Flexible   Full Time   11-50   2 months ago

RABOT Charge is an independent supplier of 100 % renewable energy, offering dynamic electricity tariffs to private and business customers. Our innovative approach involves just-in-time buying strategies at the stock exchange, ensuring both ecological sustainability and cost optimization for domestic charging management. By passing on exchange buying prices to our customers, we can save them up to 35 % on their electricity bills. Electric vehicle owners particularly benefit from our dynamic electricity tariff, as we have developed a smart system that signals the car when to automatically charge during periods of low electricity prices. And this is just the beginning!

Our mission is to empower every consumer to efficiently manage their energy consumption costs while safeguarding the environment and natural resources. Through our provision of 100% renewable energy and comprehensive smart charging and energy management solutions for homes (including integrated PV systems, battery storage, and heat pumps), RABOT Charge actively contributes to increasing the real green power share in Germany's electricity consumption, thus driving the energy transition forward. Our visionary idea secured us the 2nd place at the prestigious MakeItMatter Start-up Award in 2022 and a significant growth in our customer base.

"Be part of something unique, the first of its kind in Germany. Join us at RABOT Charge and seize abundant growth opportunities in the thriving world of green energy. We're a team that believes in the power of our mission, and we're looking for individuals with the passion to match ours!”
Jan Rabe, CEO

At RABOT Charge, we cherish cognitive diversity as a cornerstone of our global culture and a driving force behind our mission to craft truly representative and impactful products for a sustainable future. We wholeheartedly embrace diversity in all its dimensions and recognize that each person contributes to our shared endeavour of assisting individuals in transitioning to green energy.

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Mar 14, 2024

Full Time


Sep 06, 2024


Hamburg, Germany



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